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What's Going On Around The AFC North

While we passionately discuss the Baltimore Ravens here on Baltimore Beatdown, we are keenly aware that there are 31 other NFL teams whose fans feel the exact same way about their own favorite team. For the most part, we don't always follow what is going on around the league on all of the other teams, but we regularly drop in and check out the Ravens competition in the AFC North.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns all would like nothing better than to see the Ravens tumble off of the throne of the division in 2012 and are preparing for two more meetings this year with that same goal in mind. Let's take a look around SB Nation to see what those three rivals are doing so far in their own Training Camps.

The Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp video is above. The Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns Training Camp videos are after the 'Jump.'