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Joe Flacco Is A Video Game Weapon

Jon Bois of SB Nation has put together a story listing every quarterback in the NFL in relation to a specific video game weapon. He did the AFC East and North as one part of the series, titled, NFL Quarterbacks As Video Game Weapons.

Without having first-hand knowledge on the specific games or roles that Bois is comparing the signal-callers to, I have to accept that he knows what he's talking about and there are those out there, perhaps even on Baltimore Beatdown, who will know exactly who he is referring to and will either agree or chose to debate him on the merits of the comparisons.

Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco was called "Launcher Arm," from the game Cyborg Justice, on the 1993 Sega Genesis platform. Here is an excerpt from the article describing Flacco's video game weaponry:

He is the "launcher arm," one of the most ludicrous additions to a video game I've ever seen. You can see it briefly at the 0:12 mark of this video. When activated, the arm seriously just shot off, and after that you were just this sad-ass one-armed robot.