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Filed under: Ravens Review is taking a look around the entire NFL through the eyes of writers/ and bloggers of all the league's teams and invited me to represent Baltimore Beatdown in reviewing the Baltimore Ravens for the upcoming 2012 season.

They gave me six questions to answer, from how does the team replace the 2011 statistical performance in the loss of Terrell Suggs, to the typical "Can Joe Flacco take the next step?" questions, as well as "How does Ray Lewis still do it?"

The final question asked me to make a prediction on the Ravens success this season. Being first and foremost a true and loyal Ravens fan, of course I had this to say this about the season ahead of them:

"As a Ravens blogger but first a Ravens fan, I cannot see this team missing out on the post season for the fifth year in a row. Once a team like Baltimore, with an opportunistic defense gets into the playoffs, anything can happen. An improved Joe Flacco can take this team to the top, and I would not be surprised top him along with his teammates hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in February."