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Ravens Begin Roster Cuts Early

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The Baltimore Ravens, along with the rest of the NFL, must get down to a maximum roster size of 75 players today. With an initial roster of 90 players, the Ravens would need to cut 15 players to reach the league-mandated number. Rather than waiting until the deadline, Baltimore has announced nine cuts as of Sunday afternoon.

While the biggest name was veteran placekicker Billy Cundiff, who lost his competition battle to rookie Justin Tucker, there were a few other notables among the cuts. Tight end Devon Drew, who at one time was thought to be the heir apparent to the departed Todd Heap, never reached his potential and was let go again by the team who originally drafted him in the fifth round of the 2005 NFL Draft.

Also released was center Cecil Newton, brother of Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton, WR Devin Goda, OL Addison Lawrence, CB Jordan Maybin, LS Patrick Scales, QB Chester Stewart and WR Patrick Williams.

On the release of the veteran Cundiff, Ravens head coahc John Harbaugh had this to say:

"Billy had a great camp, the best he has had with us. He showed, like he always has, a toughness and an ability to come back and be a top-flight NFL kicker. These decisions are never easy, and this one was difficult for all of us – Ozzie [Newsome], Jerry [Rosburg] and me. Of course, that says something about Justin [Tucker], the way he has kicked and our belief in him. But, that does not say something less about Billy. Billy was ready in every way to be our kicker. He’ll kick in the NFL. He’s a very good kicker and an even better person."