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Who Looked Good, Who Looked Bad Vs. Jacksonville

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The Good:

Bernard Pollard:

Already in mid season form. This guy plays like a Raven. Enough said.

Joe Flacco:

Obvious choice here. He shredded Jacksonville's secondary. He threw all kinds of passes. Slants, nines, short little touch passes. He even used some Peyton Manning like misdirection. I expect big things for Joe this season. They better get that contract done soon.

Torrey Smith:

I truly believe that Torrey will have a Pro Bowl season in 2012 if he stays healthy. You are watching the development of a complete receiver.

Lardarius Webb:

Looks like Pollard's play was contagious as Webb, shortly after, started to pick up where he left off last season.

Ray Rice/ Bernard Pierce/Bobby Rainey

Rice: 2 carries 30 yards! Pierce looks like a real player who always seems to get that extra yard every time. Rainey: Play-maker...

Back up receivers:

LaQuan Williams, Tandon Doss, Deonte Thompson, Logan Payne: All looked very good this week.

Justin Tucker:

That 53 yarder would have been good from 73... I heard an interesting fact today. Justin Tucker was tied for second in special teams tackles last year in college with eight, sounds like a Raven to me. Especially when you look at our special teams so far.

And a much needed shout out to Tyrod Taylor who took a lot of heat last week. The dude can play some football.

Neutral Still:

Jacoby Jones:

So much potential. He needs to catch the ball more, and better, and more again. Looks like a great return man though... He will probably be the best third receiver the Ravens have ever had.

The Bad:

Special teams:

What are we doing? we signed all theses supposed special teams studs and we are still giving up kickoff returns to the 40 half the time. This is still a top priority. If you get better players and they don't play better you have to look at the coaching.

Billy Bajema: Yes he made a few plays but the guy is no where near Dickson or Pitta talent. He had a hard time getting open. Imagine if we had had the two of them out there???

Cary Williams:

Is it just me or is it always Wiliams guy that makes the big play on third down or the 26 yard reception out of no where?

Michael Oher:

For real man? An other false start?! Come on bro, your blocking skills are getting much better but Damn man...