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Rookies Guess Their Madden NFL '13 Player Ratings

For those of you who play video games and specifically Madden NFL '13, check out this short video by SB Nation, with this year's crop of rookies guessing what their player ratings should be in the game.

Baltimore Ravens rookie running back Bernard Pierce is one of the many featured, and his guess was as "slightly" off as many of the other players. Pierce predicted his overall rating would be around 86, but in the game, his actual rating was only 69.

At the same time, Pierce's guess may have been far off, but at least he didn't think that his rating should be 100, as more than one of the guys interviewed, including Jacksonville Jaguars rookie WR Justin Blackmon, thought he deserved.

SB Nation's new video game vertical, Polygon, has a review of the game, so check it out too.