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Baltimore Tops Yahoo Sports' List Of Top Fantasy Football Cities

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Top US Cities
Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Top US Cities

Yahoo! Sports today unveiled its annual list of the "Top Professional Football Cities for Fantasy Football" as determined by estimated per capita participation. Baltimore, home of the Ravens, tops this year’s list with 1 in 31 people playing Yahoo! Fantasy Football there last season. Green Bay – last year’s top-ranked city – drops to second and Buffalo, home of the Bills, comes in third.

Yahoo! Sports 2012 Top Professional Football Markets for Fantasy Football

(based on estimated per capita participation in Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football in 2011)

1. Baltimore, 1 in 31 people play (ranked 8th last year)

2. Green Bay, 1 in 36 (1st)

3. Buffalo, 1 in 36 (9th)

4. Minneapolis-St. Paul, 1 in 38 (3rd)

5. Cincinnati, 1 in 38 (2nd)

6. Pittsburgh, 1 in 40 (10th)

7. Washington, D.C., 1 in 40 (6th)

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8. Kansas City, 1 in 40 (5th)

9. Cleveland, 1 in 42 (11th)

10. Indianapolis, 1 in 43 (4th)

11. San Diego, 1 in 43 (7th)

12. St. Louis, 1 in 43 (12th)

13. Boston, 1 in 44 (14th)

14. Chicago, 1 in 45 (15th)

15. Detroit, 1 in 46 (13th)

16. Philadelphia, 1 in 50 (21st)

17. New Orleans, 1 in 52 (24th)

18. San Francisco-Oakland, 1 in 53 (22nd)

19. Denver, 1 in 55 (18th)

20. Dallas-Fort Worth, 1 in 57 (16th)

21. Nashville, 1 in 60 (17th)

22. Seattle, 1 in 61 (23rd)

23. New York, 1 in 62 (30th)

24. Charlotte, 1 in 64 (19th)

25. Houston, 1 in 66 (20th)

26. Jacksonville, 1 in 69 (25th)

27. Phoenix, 1 in 70 (26th)

28. Atlanta, 1 in 71 (27th)

29. Tampa, 1 in 73 (28th)

30. Miami, 1 in 94 (29th)


Branded Experiences from Citi, Miller Lite, SNICKERS®, Toyota, and Visa Kick-Off

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football 2012 Season

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 22, 2012 – Yahoo! Sports is celebrating its 15th fantasy football anniversary by giving fans and advertisers the ultimate fantasy experience with new features and apps that helps them stay connected to the action across the PC, phone, tablet and TV.

For the upcoming 2012 NFL season, fans can keep tabs on their favorite players, teams, latest scores and news, not only from a PC, but also on Connected TV and while they are on the go through our Fantasy Football apps available on all IOS devices and several mobile platforms. In addition, custom-branded experiences from key brands including Citi, Miller Lite, SNICKERS®, Toyota and Visa provide fans with a variety of rich, interactive features. Fans can sign up at

"We have some exciting things lined up for Yahoo! Fantasy Football this year that make it easy and fun to keep tabs on the games," said Ken Fuchs, VP of Global Media and Head of Sports, Men’s and Games for Yahoo!. "Not only do fans have the opportunity to win some cash prizes this year, they can now easily improve their teams while on the go from any device or TV and access news content with just a quick tap on any screen."

New features for the upcoming 2012 Fantasy Football season include:

  • Play for Money, Play for Keeps: Fans can now compete in Yahoo!’s Pro Leagues featuring the highest percentage payouts and most cash prizes available with the chance to win up to $500. In addition, Yahoo!’s Keeper Leagues have the most customization available for a free league where players can now import traded draft picks from last season, set a keeper deadline, allow managers to declare keepers and approve and assign keepers to their drafts.
  • Managing Teams Across Devices: Yahoo! is the only platform that provides consumers with a full fantasy football experience across all four screens, fans can access by PC, phone, big screen or tablet, and also has a universal iOS app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. New performance-enhancing features in this year’s Fantasy Football '12 apps include trading and waiver options that allow players to instantly improve their teams on the go from any device or right from the TV adding to the already best user-friendly experience available in market. The Yahoo! Fantasy Football '12 App is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. All Yahoo!’s Fantasy Football apps can be found at

This year Yahoo! Sports has seen the most advertisers sign on to take advantage of its scale and offerings than ever before. Some of those include:

  • Citi: Sponsor of Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Draft Central, a tool to help fantasy football players determine their draft strategy.
  • Miller Lite: Miller Lite is renewing its position as the exclusive beer sponsor. Miller Lite is enabling Miller Time by sponsoring live drafts and draft content, inspiring Miller Time via Yahoo!’s fantasy mobile app, and celebrating Miller Time with engaging rich media ads and irreverent videos about fans getting together for some real beers and real fantasy football action with their real friends. Additionally, Miller Lite is sponsoring to present for the first time ever personalized articles recapping each player’s weekly fantasy matchups.
  • SNICKERS®: Through the use of Yahoo! Smart Ads technology, personalized messages will be delivered to fantasy football players on the "Match Ups" pages.
  • Toyota: Returning as the exclusive automotive partner in Yahoo! Fantasy Football for a fifth consecutive year, Toyota will offer videos and content to enhance the user experience across mobile, tablet and Yahoo! Connected TV. Toyota’s presenting sponsorship will also include a branded medal program featuring multiple Toyota vehicles, as well as the opportunity to be inducted into the Toyota Hall of Fame: Legends of Fantasy Football which was created to recognize achievement in Fantasy Football.
  • Visa: Returning for the fourth season, Visa is sponsoring the Yahoo! Fantasy Football Stat Tracker and is also the presenting sponsor for the other Yahoo! Sports apps.

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