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2012 Ravens Preview: Toughest Road Games

Nobody in the NFL was any better than the Baltimore Ravens at protecting their home turf in 2011. The Ravens went 8-0 at home last season but only 4-4 on the road. Ironically, all four of the Ravens losses were to teams with sub .500 records, proving it is still a tough task to win on the road regardless of the opponent.

Therefore, in looking at the Ravens toughest road games coming up in 2012, it might be challenging to figure out which games will truly be the most difficult since Baltimore beat every team with a winning record that they faced in 2011. Baltimore plays a first-place schedule this season and also play the AFC West and NFC East, both filled with difficult road games.

SB Nation took my video and added their professional and technical experience to produce a top-notch video detailing the three games I feel will be their most difficult road contests. The result above is a sold combination of video and graphics that make me look a lot better than I could ever imagine, much less produce myself. Check it out.