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Ravens Placekicking Competition Even

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh (8/1/12)
Ravens head coach John Harbaugh (8/1/12)

There are two placekickers in the Baltimore Ravens training camp. Veteran Billy Cundiff is being pushed by undrafted rookie free agent Justin Tucker (Texas). It is obvious to everyone that the position is Cundiff's to lose and the chance for Tucker to unseat the incumbent will be a longshot by anyone's standards.

However, Tucker is doing everything that is being asked of him and is competing as if he has an equal chance to end up as the team's placekicker by camp's end. While Cundiff is kicking solid in camp, it has become obvious that Tucker has the stronger leg so far. The competition is neck and neck, but expect Cundiff to have more opportunities once the pre-season games begin and only if he falls flat on his face would Tucker truly have the chance to unseat him.

In Wednesday's practice,, Cundiff missed a 43-yard kick, but hit on his 47 and 55 yard tires. Tucker made the 43-yard shot as well as the 47 and 55-yarder, the last one easily with ten yards to spare. Tucker also took turns as the team's backup punter, the dual-position he held while in college.

After practice, when head coach John Harbaugh met with the media, he confirmed that all the kicks were important, not just what happens in the pre-season games. He acknowledged that both kickers have been impressive but refused to give the edge to one or the other.