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Undrafted Free Agents Define Ravens Braintrust

The Baltimore Ravens have always had an excellent reputation for making the most of their picks in the NFL Draft. So many times, they have found a Ray Lewis (1996: 26th pick), Ed Reed (2002: 24th pick) or Ray Rice (2008: 55th pick). They have also found gold in players drafted later in the draft such as OLB Adalius Thomas (2000: 6th round) or even after the draft has ended, as in the case of LB Bart Scott (2002: Undrafted FA).

It is here that the Ravens have shown they can outshine the rest of the league, finding those players that have been looked at, yet skipped over in the seven rounds and previous 253 players that were selected in 2012 by the 32 NFL teams. This year is proof positive, as there have been a group of players on the Ravens that were signed after the draft ended and have given every indication that they deserve a serious look at making the team's 53-man final roster.

Running back Bobby Rainey, wide receiver Deonte Thompson, safety Omar Brown, linebacker Nigel Carr and placekicker Justin Tucker have all played well enough in various roles to garner attention from the team and earn themselves a spot on the Ravens.

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Rainey has done it all and proved his versatility in rushing, receiving and returning kicks. Thompson has shown that his speed is not the only skill he brings, as his hands have been almost as solid. Brown seems to find the ball in the air and on the ground. Carr plays with the ferocity and confidence of a veteran and Tucker has nailed virtually every kick from any distance.

Normally, there is the one undrafted player each season that surprises coaches and earns himself a roster spot and then occasionally that player rises to stardom and gets that big payday. The Baltimore Ravens might be looking at as many as five undrafted players making the roster and each one has the ability to be the next great undrafted player the team has developed over the years.