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Ravens' Bernard Pollard Launches Mobile App

Based on the popular card game of tricks and strategy, Bourre allows fans to interact with favorite professional athletes

Baltimore, Md. – Baltimore Ravens’ safety Bernard Pollard today announced the launch of Bourre (pronounced Boo-Ray), an interactive mobile app based on the card game of trick-taking and skill. Popular among professional athletes and celebrities, Pollard developed Bourre to interact with fans and gamers of all ages in a safe and entertaining environment.

Pollard was first introduced to Bourre in 2006 during his rookie season with the Kansas City Chiefs. A popular card game in the NFL locker room and during travel, Bourre is a favorite card game for teammates to interact off the field. In December 2011, Pollard approached long-time friend and former Houston Texan teammate, running back Ryan Moats, to turn the card game into a mobile app for Apple users. Moats, who owns a full service graphic design company, assisted in the development of the game into an app.

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"The goal of Bourre is to give fans and gamers the unique opportunity to interact with their favorite professional athletes and friends in a safe and fun environment," said Pollard. "It is one of my favorite games to play in the locker room with my teammates, and it brings us closer together during downtime throughout the season. As a mobile app, players and fans can play anywhere at any time with their friends and favorite athletes."

Based on the Louisiana card game of trick-taking and skill, Bourre is similar to Spades and Euchre. The object of Bourre is to win a majority of the hands or "tricks" in each game and thereby claim the winnings in the pot. If a player cannot take a majority of hands/tricks, his/her secondary goal is to keep from getting "booed" or taking no tricks at all.

Bourre is now available for $1.99 on Apple iPhone and iPad products. To download, visit the Apple App Store or Game Center. For more information, visit

About Bourre App & Bernard Pollard

Baltimore Ravens Safety Bernard Pollard revolutionized the trick-taking card game Bourre (pronounced Boo-Ray), popular amongst celebrities and professional athletes, into a mobile social game that appeals to gamers and fans of all ages. Developed by Moatsworks Studios, Bourre App is a play-to-win card game where users compete to win a majority of tricks in each hand and ultimately claim the money in the pot. With a multiplayer feature, Bourre App users can invite friends to play and compete for a position on the leader board. Bourre App is available on the Apple App Store and Game Center.

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