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Two Fights Highlight Ravens Training Camp

Brouhaha: informal + usually disapproving : great excitement or concern about something [singular] A brouhaha erupted over her statements about the president. [noncount] There's been a lot of brouhaha about her statements.

melee: a confused struggle or fight involving many people — usually singular They were seriously injured in the melee.

Anyway Mirriam-Webster's Dictionary or you want to define it, the Baltimore Ravens training camp had its share of excitement, as two fights broke out, one right after the other. In the first one, DT Arthur Jones took issue with rookie center Gino Gradkowski and the two squared off. No word on the assessment of Jones' combat skills from his UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion brother, Jon "Bones" Jones.

Almost immediately afterwards, it appeared that 2nd year offensive lineman Jah Reid was taking on the entire secondary. It was like lions on a elephants carcass as the surrounded him and overwhelmed the guy who was virtually twice the size of any single players but the mass of humanity was just too much for one person to take on alone.

After practice when cooler heads prevailed, CB Lardarius Webb was asked by the media what he thought about his teammates in the secondary and could only offer, "Jah got beat up."