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Deadspin's "Why Your Team Sucks 2012: Baltimore Ravens" recently published an article called "Why Your Team Sucks 2012: Baltimore Ravens". The general purpose of this article is to point out all of the flaws of the Baltimore Ravens combined with gratuitous cursing and insults. The writer of this article, Drew Magary, was a bit...uncouth (to say the least) in his comments regarding the Baltimore Ravens. A few of these of Drew's comments include the following:

"Every baby born in Baltimore County is born with a goatee, even the girls. If you could form a Jim Rome listener in a lab (and why wouldn't you? THEY'RE CLONES), the resulting 250-pound dumbf**k would look an awful lot like a white-trash Ravens fan."

"Suggs's p***ymouth has been known to blind schoolchildren."

"Lewis will best be remembered for his shocking ability to get the NFL establishment to turn a blind eye to the fact that he watched two friends stab people and then fled the scene in a godd**n limo."

Edited: I read the article the wrong way and jumped to a rash conclusion and made equally rash statements to match. It was indeed a light-hearted post written as a joke. I apologize to and Drew Magary.

Read the entire article here