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New York Times' Ravens Preview

Andy Benoit of The Fifth Down, a New York Times NFL blog, wrote a preview on the 2012 version of the Baltimore Ravens. Andy asked me to review his story while still in draft form, to make sure it was accurate, up-to-date and covered all the team's bases. The only issue true Ravens fans will have with the preview is that it was done long before Training Camps opened and there have been changes that might be obvious to the most attentive fans.

The story talks about WR Tandon Doss fighting for the 4th WR position, along with David Reed, who is the main option at kick returner. No mention of RB Bobby Rainey in the return game, nor wide receivers LaQuan Williams or Deonte Thompson, both of whom could be fighting for that #4 WR position.

Benoit is complimentary about QB Joe Flacco and while stopping short from touting him as one of the best in the game, he does acknowledge his arm strength is as good as any other quarterback in the league:

"The talent is there. Flacco is a 6-foot-6, 235-pound prototype who can move in and out of the pocket and fling the ball as powerfully as anyone in the game, Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers included."