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Ravens' Harbaugh Takes Reps At Cornerback

During passing drills at Monday's practice, Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh took a few reps at cornerback to keep both the quarterbacks and wide receivers on their toes. He back-peddled into the secondary and then stopped when the receivers made their cuts just as the quarterbacks released the ball.

After practice at his press conference, once the other media asked about the progress of specific players, I asked Harbaugh how it felt and would he assess his own performance:

"It fatigued me. My legs were burning. Is that what you're looking for? How did I actually feel physically? My legs were burning. Oh, how did I feel about being back there? I felt embarrassed. That's how I felt. They made me feel bad about myself. (laughing) No, it was really fun. It was really fun. I wasn't really trying to cover them; I just hope you guys understand that. Thar's why I wasn't close to them. I was just giving them a look."

Check out the video and his response to my question at