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NFL News 'Open Thread'

While this time-slot has been previously utilized for an 'Open Thread' offering the opportunity to comment on any topic including those unrelated to the Baltimore Ravens or the NFL, it is now officially the 2012 NFL pre-season, meaning the news surrounding the Ravens and the NFL is hot and heavy.

Therefore, with all the continually breaking news around the league, let's leave today's 'Open Thread' strictly for the topic of what is going on around the league with the Ravens and the 31 other teams in the league. Be it the release of Chad Johnson after his domestic battery charge, the solid play of the Indianapolis Colts rookie QB Andrew Luck, other rookies progress, fights in training camps, arrests and all the drama that is the NFL, you should find plenty to chat about.

More from Ravens Training Camp coming as the team gets ready for the first home pre-season game hosting the Detroit Lions this Friday evening. Let me know what Ravens player(s) you'd like to see interviewed and I'll try to get some time to ask them any questions you might have.