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Preseason Battles: Corner Backs

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The Baltimore Ravens first three corner spots are already locked up by jimmy Smith, Cary Williams and Lardarius Webb. The fourth spot also seems to have been taken by free agent signing Corey Graham. Graham not only has the upper hand due to his outstanding play in training camp and the preseason, he is also a Pro Bowl special teams player signed to upgrade the team in this area. That leaves one spot for three very intriguing players.

First, there is second year Raven Danny Gorrer who played extremely well when called upon in 2011. Gorrer played nickle, dime and filled in as the slot corner on occasion last season. In every instance he was able to make plays to prove that he belonged on the Ravens active game day roster. He has also had an impressive camp thus far and is making a strong case to stay on the 53. I'm sure he is making the coaches decisions very difficult with his steadily consistent, above average play.

Next you have second year player Chykie Brown who the Ravens seem to be very high on. Brown stands somewhere between 5'11" and 6'0", depending on what source you are reading, he weighs in at 190 lbs. and is a very physical back that can match up well in man coverage situations. The Ravens drafted Brown in the fifth round of the 2011 draft and although he spent much of last season not dressing on game days he has found way to make himself seen in the few chances he has had. The former Longhorn has not gotten much playing time but you get the feeling the team sees something in him.

Asa "Ace" Jackson was drafted in the fifth round 169th over all in this years NFL draft. The Ravens drafted him to compete for the last remaining corner position and to compete for the kickoff and punt returner position along with Jacoby Jones, Bobby Rainey and fellow corner back Lardarius Webb. Jackson was a big time play maker at little known Cal Poly both on defense and as a prolific returner. Being that he is a mid round draft pick he was once considered a shoe in to make the final roster but now that the team is faced with such depth at the position.

Jackson may be one of the few NFL worthy corners that the team could slip onto the practice squad with out losing him to another team. There are no guarantees in this game though. The Ravens will have to part ways with at least one of these young talented corners and this may be one of the toughest decisions the coaching staff and front office has to make.