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Ravens Fantasy Football Prospects Increasing

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The Baltimore Ravens have not been one of the NFL top teams when talking about them from a fantasy football perspective. With an average offense, other than RB Ray Rice, there hasn't been a player that has merited significant attention on the offensive side of the football. Of course the Ravens team defense is among the most popular in fantasy football and more than a few individual defensive players have been at or near the top of fantasy league team's lists.

Now the Ravens offense seems to be on the verge of raising their level of play and the prospects of current and possible new players might be increasing in the minds of fantasy team managers around the country. QB Joe Flacco might join Rice, and WR Torrey Smith is poised for a breakout year that could get his fantasy team owners decent points on a weekly basis.

What other players could step up for Baltimore in the fantasy football world? The injury to TE Dennis Pita could open the door for a monster year by other TE Ed Dickson, that is, if Dickson is not hurt as has been recently diagnosed after the team's initial pre-season game. WR Anquan Boldin might step up his game, as could new addition Jacoby Jones.

But then again, what player could shock the fantasy world like Torrey Smith did last year with a big fantasy season. Could rookie RB Bobby Rainey use his versatility to get you points as a late round draft pick for fantasy teams? What about the impressive showing so far by WR Deonte Thompson, whose blazing speed cannot be overlooked by the Ravens based on his recent performance.

Defensively, who is going to step up and get the QB sacks that will be lost due to the injury to sack-master Terrell Suggs? In the secondary, will Lardarius Webb continue his solid play and could Ed Reed return to 2010 form when he led the NFL in interceptions?

Lots of possibilities, some of them much more likely than others. However, it appears the days of skipping over the Ravens when drafting your fantasy football team are over and now deciding which team member you want to take a flyer on is getting to be the tougher decision.