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Roger Goodell Wants To See Football As Olympic Sport

Football is already an extremely popular Olympic sport but if you ask most Americans, they might not know you were talking about what we call "soccer" while the rest of the world call it "football." If NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had a vote, he'd lobby for American football to be included in the Summer Olympics.

A story posted by Sports Radio Interviews details Goodell's fantasy of spreading the greatness of the NFL around the world, even though it is already popular in many European countries. Goodell joined the Dan Patrick Radio Show to talk about discussing this with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as well as a couple of other topics.

If you thought the 1992 NBA Olympic "Dream Team" was an amazing combination of players, could you imagine what the NFL All-Pro Olympic team would look like? Start discussing what players would make the USA roster in the comments section below.