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Ravens 2012 Opponents Preview: Week 12 @ Chargers

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Lately it has seemed that whenever the Baltimore Ravens play the San Diego Chargers, it is always one of their tougher games and always in San Diego. The Baltimore Ravens lost four games in the 2011 regular season, none more embarrassing that their 34-14 prime time loss to the Chargers.

In the 2012 regular season, the Ravens face the entire AFC West and once again, their game with the Chargers is in sunny San Diego. For whatever reason, San Diego presents match-up problems for the Ravens defense based on their bigger wide receivers and solid passing attack behind the arm of QB Philip Rivers.

However, Chargers WR Vincent Jackson, a Ravens-killer, has left for greener pastures and will not be able to punish the Ravens secondary as he had done in the past. did a review of the game scheduled for week 12 and while they focus on the aging aspect of the ravens defense, they say the Chargers better not be over-confident just based on last season's outcome.