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Ravens 2012 Opponents Preview: New York Giants

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The reward that the Baltimore Ravens received for winning the AFC North is the right to play a first-place schedule against the other division winners in the AFC. In addition, as part of the rotating schedule in the NFL, the AFC North is taking on the NFC East this coming season. One of the tougher match-ups for the Ravens will be when the New York Giants visit Baltimore in week 16.

It's an interesting time for the game, as one or both team may decide who to play or not depending on where they stand in their respective playoff races. For pure discussion purposes, this preview accepts the thought that both teams will go all out for the victory that will give them the confidence to play against the best in the league.

Website gives NFL odds, picks and information on the upcoming games and posted this preview. They like the Ravens match-up on both sides of the ball due to their physical style of play. However, the Giants are the defending Super Bowl champs, which has to count for something.