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Analyzing Baltimore Beatdown's Traffic

The genius' at SB Nation have put Google Analytics to work for the network and have broken it down for every one of their more than 300+ blogs. They took a snapshot view of the most recently completed month of June 2012. Here is what they found out about the blog on the Baltimore Ravens:

Of the 82,000 visits during the slow football month of June, there were just over 53,000 unique visitors. Each visit to Baltimore Beatdown spent an average of just under 20 minutes on the site, looking at 1.85 pages per visit. 56% of the visitors were new and 44% of them returned for multiple visits each day they came to the site.

91% "visited" from the United States, with the remaining countries represented being Canada (2%), United Kingdom (1%) and less than 1% each from Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico and Austria. Interesting statistics, huh?