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Ravens' Vonta Leach Respected By Peers

Baltimore Ravens fullback Vonta Leach is loved by the kids who attended his recent football camp in his hometown. However, not only do the wide-eyed fans love the man, so do his teammates and his opponents have learned to respect the man who is arguably the best blocking fullback in the NFL.

In a story from the, Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher talks about how Leach leveled his former college teammate and now All-Pro with the San Francisco 49ers, LB Patrick Willis. Leach flattened him in the Thanksgiving night game when the Ravens also flattened the 49ers 16-6 on national TV. Unfortunately, the NFL has forced almost every highlight of this play off of YouTube, but we found the one above from a young fan.

Both running backs whom Leach has led to 1,000+ yard seasons over the past few years think alike when describing how much Leach's thankless efforts helped them achieve star status. Ultimately, Ray Rice will join Houston Texans RB Arian Foster with a huge contract partially due to learning to follow his blocking fullback.