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Ravens Training Camp: Who To Interview

As part of the credentialed media invited to the Baltimore Ravens Training camp this summer, I have the privilege of not only observing practice, taking notes and photos, but the opportunity to ask questions when head coach John Harbaugh or one of the other scheduled coaches and players step up to the podium at the end of each practice.

In addition, I am permitted to ask the team's PR Department to interview a player one-on-one. The chance of getting direct face-tie with a Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Joe Flacco or Ray Rice may be slim, but there are a lot of other players whom I can request to ask a few questions to and this is your chance to help me out.

Which player would you like to see interviewed and what questions would you pose to them if you had the chance? Mind you, they have pretty much been asked every basic question, so try to find another angle or way to make it interesting so that they appreciate not being asked the same thing over and over.

What obscure players, either veterans or rookies that perhaps might not get interviewed on a regular basis, would you like to hear more about? These are the guys who appreciate the attention and are as excited about being interviewed as we are interviewing them.