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Perhaps Bryant McKinnie Era Not Over

Baltimore Ravens OT Bryant McKinnie
Baltimore Ravens OT Bryant McKinnie

The reports of Baltimore Ravens left tackle Bryant McKinnie's demise may have been greatly exaggerated. Then again, perhaps not. Either way, the huge veteran tackle will seem to have his day in "court" when he reports to the team's Training Camp on Monday, according to a story on

A text message to a local radio station from McKinnie gives his reason as an "accident" that has kept him away, which he plans to fully explain in due time. This may be as much of a surprise to fans as it is to the Ravens, as head coach John Harbaugh has already stated that the left tackle for the immediate future will be former right tackle Michael Oher.

Currently, McKinnie's continuing absence is supposedly drawing the maximum fine amount allow by the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. This is reported to be $30,000 per day, meaning his current balance due to the team would be $90,000 through Saturday's missed practice. For a guy thought to be severely in debt due to an NFL Lockout loan gone bad, this is not what he really needs to get back on his feet and re-claim his starting LT position.