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Michael Oher Moves To Left Tackle

Ravens "new" left tackle Michael Oher (7/26/12)
Ravens "new" left tackle Michael Oher (7/26/12)

Whether or not this will be a permanent move, Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh announced today that right tackle Michael Oher will now be known as left tackle Michael Oher. Normal left tackle Bryant McKinnie was not present at the first full-team practice today at the Owings Mills Under Armour Performance Center.

According to a story on, McKinnie is not in camp for "personal reasons," and Harbaugh is very comfortable with Oher on the blind side of QB Joe Flacco. Oher is no stranger to the left side, playing it most of 2010 as well as throughout his college career at Ole Miss.

The story brings up the point of the domino effect this move creates in that with Oher moving to the left side, who will replace him at right tackle. It could be a glut of competition, with Jah Reid, Kelechi Osemele, Ramon Harewood among others vying for the starting gig.

Stay tuned.