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Ray Rice Happy To Be In Ravens Camp

Ravens RB Ray Rice (7/25/12)
Ravens RB Ray Rice (7/25/12)

Thanks to signing his huge next contract just before the Franchise Tag deadline, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is glad to be reporting to Training Camp as he addressed the media yesterday afternoon. Rice and the rest of his teammates will hit the practice field today in the team's first full-team practice at the Under Armour Performance Center.

When asked what the first thing he did with his money, he said the right thing:

"Got my mom a house."

When asked how it felt to sign the deal, he answered once again by continuing to say all the right things:

"I want to retire a Raven. That's what it all boils down to."

Rice wanted to clarify one ofthe comments that appeared in the news during his negotiations:

"I never asked for 'Adrian Peterson money.'"

While Rice was in negotiations, he did not attend the off-season mini-camps, since he had not signed his Franchise Tag. On his own, he worked out to stay in shape, specifically mentioning CrossFit and resistance training (but inexplicably to this writer, no P90X nor Insanity!).

He also said he carried beer kegs up and down steps at a local high school, which we had probably seen online in videos. See that video in a story from last month on