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NFL, Referees Still Don't Have A Deal

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Even though there is labor peace in the NFL between the owners and players, the referees continue to be without a contract and the possibility of the league opening the regular season with replacement refs grows greater with each passing day. In a story posted on Sports Radio Interviews, a former official speaks out, stating that the replacement refs are just not qualified to officiate NFL games.

Former NFL Referee Jerry Markbreit discusses what's going to happen with these replacement officials, the negotiations or lack thereof towards getting the dispute resolved,what the main issues are the notion of officiating not being a full-time job, officials needing preseason game and if other folks have the official's backs.

On the topic of the league already having replacement officials, hired and ready to play, Markbreit responded:

"They feel like they can get people that are competent to work. They’re mistaken. They can’t. These are not even qualified collegiate officials."

With the speed and violent nature at the professional level, one has to wonder what the potential for these replacement officials to make the correct calls, keep the game in control and not be accused of affecting the outcomes by making the wrong call at critical times in the game.