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The Best Of The Rest: The Best Available Remaining Free Agents

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With the NFL season looming, there are still many free-agents that have yet to have been signed. As we all know, with training camp right around the corner, teams will still be making many more cuts before the season kicks off. This is the time of the off-season where Ozzie Newsome thrives; all of the top tier FAs are out of the picture and only undervalued and inexpensive (or in some cases, washed up) players remain. But that begs the question, "Who is out there? Who can contribute? Who can we afford? And finally, do we even need to make a move?".

The following list are players that I think that would be reasonable signings for the Baltimore Ravens in terms of their ability and team need.

1. Marcus McNeill (OT)

2. Andre Carter (DE)

3. E.J. Henderson (MLB)

4. Jake Scott (OG)

5. Ryan Grant (RB)

These are the 5 guys that I think would be the most logical additions to the Baltimore Ravens, if you guys have any opinions on the picks feel free to share them.