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Room For Kenny Britt On Ravens Roster?

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Tennessee Titans WR Kenny Britt has found himself in trouble time and time again since he has been in the pros. In addition, an ACL injury has made his NFL career a disappointment although he has been an excellent wide receiver in the time he has made it onto the playing field.

Britt's time on the Titans might be coming to an end as noted in an editorial on the website, The story talks about Britt's latest brush with the law, a DWI on a Kentucky Army base. If Kenny has worn out his welcome in Tennessee, would the Baltimore Ravens be a possible landing spot for a guy whose skills and youth could be an interesting proposition for the team to consider?

Understanding that the team already seems to have at least three solid guys at the wide position in Anquan Boldin, Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones, Britt still would pair well with Smith as long-term targets for QB Joe Flacco. Britt's possession receiver skills combined with Smith game-breaking deep speed would seem to complement each other well. But would the Ravens want to take a gamble on a guy who just can't seem to stay on the playing field for one reason or another?