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Ray Lewis Still Rates As Fantasy Linebacker

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Even though he is 37 years old and entering his 17th NFL season, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is still one of the better at his position in the entire league. While obviously not the guy he was years ago, he is still feared enough by opposing quarterbacks that they make sure they know where he is prior to the snap of the ball.

In fantasy football, if your league gives points of individual defensive players (IDP), then Lewis ought to remain on your draft day radar for at least one more season. According to SB Nation's fantasy sport site, Fake Teams, Lewis is their 18th ranked linebacker. Linebackers are the most coveted IDP's for fantasy points, as they can score for your team with sacks and interceptions, as compared to defensive linemen getting mostly sacks and defensive backs primarily getting interceptions.

Here's what Fake Teams said in their justification for Lewis' rating:

Ray Lewis- He's 37. 37!? It's really as simple as that when it comes to explaining why he comes in at number 18.