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Raven Are Trimming the Fat - No, Really!

The Baltimore Ravens are taking extra steps to ensure that players are getting the nutritional options they need to slim down (or beef up for that matter) for the upcoming season. The team isn't getting rid of any of the unhealthier options (such as the famous Friday-night pizza), but instead providing the team with more healthier options and making the previously unhealthy foods healthier. (Jeez, try saying that 5 times really fast).

Some of the changes being made include the following:

From BaltimoreRavens.Com: For example, white bread, white pasta and white rice are out. They've been replaced by whole wheat bread, whole wheat rice and quinoa. Mashed potatoes used to be made with three pounds of butter and heavy cream, but are now crafted with 2% milk.

The chest full of ice cream treats has been moved aside to make room for a new triple-wide soft serve dispenser. When you shoot air into ice cream it gloriously makes it healthier.

The use of vegetable oil has been replaced with olive oil. They're using local products that will have more vitamins (not to mention support local businesses).

Pizza day is being moved from Fridays to Monday or Tuesday, and thus not close to game days.

Tater tots are now sweet potato tots, and are baked instead of fried. In fact, fried foods are out entirely. That's right, no more fried wings. They'll be baked wings instead.

And while the team has always given color-coordinated warnings to the food (vaguely similar to street lights--figure it out yourself), it is now providing each meal it's own nutrition card telling players the exact amount of calories, protein, fat, etc... of each meal.

To quote Ryan Mink; "The Ravens are trimming fat both literally and figuratively".