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Saturday's Open Thread

Good evening everybody! I hope everyone's day has been wonderful! My thanks go out to Bruce who covered my 4pm and 7pm story last night while I enjoyed my birthday with my wonderful family and friends. But now I am back to work, once again, and I hope you guys didn't miss me too bad.

But that brings me to the topic of today's open thread; what is the best birthday gift you've ever received? One of my personal favorite was last year, on July 3rd, my step-dad drove me down to Atlanta to catch an Orioles vs. Braves game. It was an inter-league game (needless to say) and my favorite player (Zach Britton) was pitching. Zach Britton pitched about 6 solid innings and even hit a home-run! The Orioles ended up taking the game late allowing the first, real Orioles game I attended to be win! After the game we went back on the road to go home. I spent about 6 hours on the road total that day to see my last-place Orioles play. Despite our record, being able to see the men in black and orange win made it one of my favorite gifts in all of my 16 years.