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Friday's 'Open Thread'

Since today is Zachary Beard's birthday, I'm taking his spot posting today's 'Open Thread' until he returns to the fold on Saturday. In the meantime, while you can post your thoughts on anything either related to the Baltimore Ravens,...or not, I am going to throw out the topic of the day, so that you can respond by talking amongst yourselves.

Today's topic: What was the single best musical concert you ever went to? When was it, where was it, and why is it your favorite?

I'll go first: I saw Fleetwood Mac at the height of their popularity in 1979 in New Haven, Connecticut from the 13th row center. To this day, I insist that the then-hot lead female singer Stevie Nicks spoke to me that night from the stage. For evidence I offer up the proof that for the first ten minutes of the concert I stood on my chair yelling, imploring her to "take off your clothes!" Out of probable frustration, in between songs, she walked to the center of the stage pointed at me, motioned with her arm and said, "Sit. Down."

Your turn.