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What is Your Favorite Movie?

With the news being especially slow during this part of the off-season, there isn't exactly much to write about. So in order to compensate for this lack of news, I decided to take up Steel Spike's suggestion of putting up a "favorites" post once a week. Of course, seeing as how it is Monday, it will be scheduled for the very beginning of the week to help provide some levity from those long-days at work or long-days of over-the-summer school work (which let me tell you, is an awful, awful thing).

So the first topic we will be discussing in this "favorites" series is movies. My personal favorite movie of all time would have to be "The Green Mile". "The Green Mile" is one of those movies where every time I see it on the guide, I just have to put it on. Without fail, it manages to capture my attention and my emotions every single time. I'm not afraid to admit that I find myself holding back a tear or two, along with a greater appreciation for life when the movie concludes. In my opinion, it is Tom Hanks' best movie, with "Philadelphia" being a very close second.

So what is your favorite movie?