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Join The Ravens 'Flock'

The Baltimore Ravens have a group of supporters numbering 1.2 million strong known as 'The Flock.' According to, The Flock is their most passionate, proud and vocal Ravens fans, although this writer believes there are a lot of Ravens Roosts and individual fans out there who would beg to disagree.

Either way, the Ravens are one of the most popular teams in the NFL, mostly because of their ability to compete for a playoff spot every year and their hard-hitting defense led by one of the greatest ever in linebacker Ray Lewis. Unfortunately this season, the Ravens will not be holding their summer Training Camp in Westminster, Maryland, which prior to the NFL Lockout last year, hosted every Training Camp of the Ravens as well as the old Baltimore Colts when they were in town.

The team will be practicing at their Training Facility, now known as the Under Armour Performance Center, in Owings Mills, Maryland. Due to the logistics and size of the facility, practices will not be open to the public. Fear not, Ravens fans, the team will be holding three practices off-site, free and open to the public.

However, the team will also be holding a Lottery for fans to enter, with winners getting four passes to the team's practice sessions at he amazing UA Performance Center. The winner and three guests will ge an exclusive invite from the team to watch practice up close, a real treat for the kids and the big kids (adults) as well. Go to to enter the drawings for one of the 13 possible dates, but get your entry in by Friday, July 13, at 5p.m.