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Rice & Forte Signings Prompt City Comparisons

With the recent signings of two of the better running backs in the NFL, Adam Rank of decided to compare the two cities these guys play in. Both Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice and Chicago Bears RB Matt Forte stayed away from the off season practices as they were designated with the Franchise Tag.

However, both guys beat the deadline by signing similar long-term deals within the past week. The story compares the two cities in a variety of categories ranging from football to food to TV shows filmed there and so on. Baltimore fans will be shocked to read that the writer gave the advantage to Chicago in the food category, liking the Windy City's deep-dish pizza over Charm City's crab cakes. Really?

At least he gave us the better TV show, taking Baltimore's 'The Wire' over Chicago's 'Good Times!' More important and football-relevant, he likes the Ravens' 2000 record-setting defense over the Bears' 1986 one that set the record for fewest points allowed, only to have Baltimore break it in their Super Bowl 35 winning season.