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Ravens 2013 Opponents

This might be a ridiculous story because the 2012 NFL season hasn't even begun and already we are posting the opponents for the Baltimore Ravens for the 2013 season. The NFL schedule is based off of a specific rotation, with each division playing a rotating schedule against another division in both the AFC and NFC, as well as playing a team in each of the other two divisions from their conference based on where they finished in the standings the year before.

Other than the last portion, the Ravens opponents and where they will play has already been decided. The only remaining thing will be when the games are actually scheduled. For the 2013 season, The Raven rotating schedule has them playing all four teams in both the AFC East and the NFC North.

(Read more on the Ravens 2013 opponents after the 'Jump')

Based on the past rotations, the Ravens home schedule looks like a weekly playoff schedule. In no specific order, Baltimore has home games versus the New England Patriots, New York Jets, Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings, as well as whatever team they will face from the AFC South.

The road games for the Ravens include trips to the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions, as well as whatever team they end up playing in the AFC West based on the prior year's finishing position.

To get the Pats and Pack here in Baltimore, along with the home-and-away series against their AFC North rivals, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns, makes for a great schedule already, even though the 2012 seasonhasn't even began.