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SB Nation's Offensive Line Rankings

After ranking all the positions on the defensive side of the ball, SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber turns his attention to the offense, starting with offensive lines. The story is titled, "Packers, Patriots Lead NFL Offensive Line Rankings," gives a clear hint of the teams at the top of his list.

The Baltimore Ravens did not fare quite as well as they did in virtually every position defensively, but their line still came in 8th out of the 32 teams. Behind the Pack and the Pats, he ranks, in descending order, the Cincinnati Bengals, New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs, Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans.

Isn't it funny to see these units ranked ahead of the Ravens and other than the top two, these teams either lost to Baltimore or didn't even make the playoffs? Here's what I said in my comments on the Ravens offensive line:

"The Baltimore Ravens offensive line will roll out in 2012 a veteran group, but the depth behind them is filled with untested rookies. Across the o-line you have veterans Bryant McKinnie (LT), Bobbie Williams (LG), Matt Birk (C), Marshal Yanda (RG) and Michael Oher (RT). Oher is actually the "baby" among the starters, entering his fourth NFL season. If the rookies need to be pressed into play, that's when questions about the o-line's abilities will start."