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Greg Cosell's Top Five NFL Receivers

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NFL Films' Greg Cosell is one of the most respected analysts on evaluating talent in the NFL. When Cosell talks about the best players at each position, you listen to his justification and know he has done his research and homework. He gives us his top five wide receivers in the league in this story on NFL Films' "Cosell Talks: The Top 5 Wide Receivers."

While its tough to debate the five guys he ranks, I personally have an issue with the guy he put at the top of his list, Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson. Johnson is one slot above the #2 guy, Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson. Andre is an amazing receiver, combining size and speed with great hands.

However, Mega-Tron is a game-changer and a virtual impossible defensive match-up. He is too big, with great hands, for pretty much any defensive back in the league to cover one-on-one. The hope guarding him is that he does not get behind the secondary to out-jump them for another highlight reel touchdown.

Unfortunately, the remaining three of Cosell's top five does not include anyone from the Baltimore Ravens. Click on the link above to read the full story and see the five names on his list.