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Ravens Facing One Of Toughest 2012 Schedules

Power Rankings in the NFL are incredibly subjective. Typical strength of schedule numbers are based on pure mathematics, but also based on last year's numbers, which we all know do not necessarily translate to the same records the following season.

A different view on this was researched by the website, Beyond The Bets, which gives wagering advice and information on all types of sports gambling options. They took an interesting combination of the traditional strength of schedule numbers along with projections for 2012 and came up with a number that shows how tough of a schedule each team in the NFL has in 2012.

Like it or not, they see the Baltimore Ravens having among the toughest roads ahead of them of any team in the league. Their overall numbers have the Ravens facing the third toughest schedule in the league, behind the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants, who incidentally, were tied for the top spot. For comparison purposes, the Pittsburgh Steelers have the 14th toughest schedule and the New England Patriots have the easiest.