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Ray Lewis' Speech Does It Again

Every now and then you hear that Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis has gone into a locker room or meeting room with a group of high school, college or other sports teams and given a eloquent, inspirational and motivating speech. He did so for a college basketball team a little while back and now he has done the same for a football team in London, England.

The story and video shows the Warriors assembled for a team meeting. They are casually lounging around until the announcement comes that #52 is here to speak to them and once Ray walks out the players go into such a frenzy that people actually turn to videotape the crowd instead of Lewis.

Even though many Ravens fans have heard him speak in these types of situations before, you see how intently serious the crowd grows as Ray pours out his heart and soul to them, making each player feel as if he is speaking directly to them. If you feel like you would go to war with Ray after this little talk, imagine what it is like to be on the gridiron with him in front of 70,000 screaming Ravens fans?

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