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Ed Reed Promotes Holding Out

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Although Baltimore Ravens free safety Ed Reed has not said he plans to hold out from showing up at Training Camp in two weeks, he says it's the only way to get a new contract in the NFL.

Reed has one year remaining on his current deal and while he's lobbying for a contract extension now, he is due over $7 million for the 2012 season. However a new deal that could pay him in the neighborhood of what he is currently making would guarantee him a big chunk of money now, rather than waiting for another season to come and go.

Reed said in a story from Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times, that he has earned the right to get a final deal with the Ravens, saying:

"I already exceeded expectations," adding, "This is not about money. This is a business. There’s two sides to every business."

In a radio interview with Baltimore's 105.7 The Fan Reed said,

"The only way a player gets what he wants is by holding out."