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Ravens @ Steelers: 11th Best Game Of 2011?

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The thrilling 23-20 victory by the Baltimore Ravens over the Pittsburgh Steelers in week nine was rated the 11th best game of the 2011 season, according to a story on The come-from-behind win completed the season sweep by Baltimore and stunned the sellout crowd at Heinz Field.

QB Joe Flacco led a 92-yard drive with around two minutes left in the game, driving the Ravens down the field, erasing the question of whether or not he could carry the team in the closing moments of a tough road game. After blowing a 16-6 lead, the Ravens had to come back for the victory, as the Flacco-to-rookie Torrey Smith TD pass came with only eight seconds left on the clock.

While it may have only been the 11th best game of the 2011 season according to, it was easily the best game of the year in the eyes of all Ravens fans.