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Is Ravens Torrey Smith Ready To Be A #1 Receiver?

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Is there really any such thing as a #1 wide receiver in the NFL anymore? The NFL has become a passing league, even though it seems that they forgot to tell the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens success has been to use the run game to set up the passing game, almost the complete opposite of most of the other 31 teams.

However, the emergence of last year's impressive rookie season from WR Torrey Smith has given local fans hope that Smith can become not only that deep threat that fans have clamored for over the years, but a legitimate #1 target for QB Joe Flacco for years to come.

A story over at details his rise to being a significant deep threat in 2011 and his potential to actually improve on his seven TD receptions and force opposing defense to react to where he is at all times on the field. Here's a sample from the story:

Smith changes Baltimore's offense, if he stays healthy. All seven of his scores came in five games last season, hinting at what he could do more consistently in 2012. With a year of service under his belt, we expect Smith to put on a show.