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Baltimore Beatdown Podcast Coming Soon

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Baltimore Beatdown will be launching a weekly podcast hosted by Mr.MaLoR and I. The show will be approximately 30 minutes long, every Tuesday at 6:30 PM. The show will be live, and we will be accepting call-in guests. We hope to have our first show on June 26th. We will be talking about all things Ravens. If you want to insert your opinion during the show we will have live chat going on, and we will provide you with the call-in number once we get everything up and running.

This idea was presented by our very own member, Michael18! I know that MaLoR, Michael, and myself are all very excited to get this launched. We could really use your guys' support early on as we get started, so please bear with us through any mistakes that may be made in the first initial show or two. I hope you guys enjoy this weekly add-on to Baltimore Beatdown!