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Ravens Mini-Camp Interview Requests

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The Baltimore Ravens enter the mini-camp phase of their off-season, with the difference being that now the team practices are mandatory for both rookies and veterans. The camps will be in three-day increments and be open to the media. While there will be no locker room access due to the size of the current roster, interviews can be held on the field immediately following practices.

Baltimore Beatdown will be there and plans to request interviews with players and needs your help. Who would you like to know more about and why? What questions would you like to see answered? Remember, the main stream media gets first shot, so the chances of getting a few minutes with Ray Lewis or Joe Flacco appear to be slim and none for The Beatdown.

However, undrafted rookies and veterans not normally in the limelight are the ones who seem to respect and appreciate the attention and are always willing to talk. There is the occasion to get that proven veteran that is not named Lewis or Flacco, but that might take a few weeks of repeat requests.

So post your requests with reasoning why and possible questions and I'll try to get at least one each day of mini-camps and then continue them when the team reports for Training Camp in late-July.