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Ravens Appear On 2nd Tier Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

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At the end of last month, we posted a story on the top fantasy football running backs and wide receivers. Notably absent in the WR rankings were any from the Baltimore Ravens. The first tier of rankings were for the top 25 receivers based on standard fantasy football scoring.

However, both veteran Anquan Boldin and second-year pro Torrey Smith showed up in the next grouping as posted by SB Nations fantasy sports site, Fake Teams. Ironically, the two Ravens teammates were listed right next to each other, with Smith ranked 38th and Boldin ranked 39th.

Here's what they said about the two:

38 Torrey Smith While there's not a whole lot of doubt that the second-year Terp will leapfrog Anquan to be the WR1 for the Ravens, there's not a whole lot of upside. The Rayvens will keep Ray Rice's usage rate very high.
39 Anquan Boldin Remember when Boldin was a second-round pick in PPR leagues? If not, you shouldn't drink soda at your age.