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2012 Ray Lewis' Last Season?

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I mean, it has to be, right? Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis will be playing this season at the ripe old age of 37 and you would have to think that he would be hanging up the cleats at 38. Of course the ageless one continues to keep us guessing by strapping on the pads year after year.

This past season was the first time I really noticed some age in Lewis' play. He had all the intensity but sometimes he just couldn't get there on plays. Mostly he made up for that with his sick instincts and uncanny physical ability. but, let's face it, the NFL is getting younger and faster and he is getting older and slower.

Ray Lewis is sure to make some unbelievable plays this season and he will, as always, make everyone around him just that much better for being there but I think, more than anything it's the way last season ended that is keeping him going. I think that he thinks this team has what it takes for one last run.

Without Terrell Suggs it will be a bit harder but hopefully the Ravens have drafted well enough and have enough young talent in place that they can compensate for his loss. Let's just hope, for Lewis' sake, that this team is, and can be, as good or better than they were last year. If not this could be a long season for the seasoned veteran.