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Public Outcry Over Vonta Leach's Inclusion On NFL Top 100

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On Saturday evening, we posted a story on Baltimore Ravens FB Vonta Leach being ranked 45th on the list of the NFL Top 100 Players of 2012. Leach is the highest ranked fullback on the list so far, and there is definitely not going to be another one in the remaining 40 players yet to be revealed.

So far, the public outcry on his inclusion at this point, much less on the list at all, seems to indicate a lack of appreciation for an art that is rarely rewarded in this manner. The so-called experts on debate the merits of Leach and whether or not he deserved to be mentioned as one of the Top 100. Leach has been given a higher ranking than his teammate, QB Joe Flacco and also one of the best quarterbacks of all-time, Peyton Manning.

Remember, this list is voted on by the players themselves, not a bunch of writers or NFL analyst. The guys on the field appreciate the talents of players such as Leach and while you can argue the exact positioning, the results speak for themselves. Leach has sprung both his former Houston Texans teammate, Arian Foster, as well as his current one, Ray Rice, to their best seasons in their careers following him into daylight after laying the wood on linebackers and defensive backs who get in his way.